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Monday, August 15, 2011

GiFt From My Hubby : Spectra 3 breast Pump set & Set Bersalin Tropical Herb AMWAY

Hehehehe..1st time celeb rayer bersama..So excited..As a wife and husband..hehehe..So, nak kater i ngn B prepare byk sgt utk rayer this year tak lah sgt..Mostly prepare brg2 baby jer..

But suddenly last Friday b back from office ngn paper bag kat tangan..tadaa!! i dh agak aper, bcoz before tu i dh mention yg i teringin set bersalin Tropical Herb from Amway.. Yeyey..B dah belikan i set bersalin Tropical Herb AMWAY..Thanks syg..Muachhh..Hehehe..Siap dapat free Bengkung lagi..B cakap RM 250 jer per set..Dia beli ngn best friend dia..So leh ar dapat murah..b4  ni i survey paling murah RM 290 per set..May be kawan dia tak ambik untung langsung kan..Thanks Hadi =)

Actually i suker sgt ngn set bersalin ni bcoz for me its value for money..Complete set utk 44 hari, siap dapat bengkung skali lh..Yg Nona Roguy i tgk review pon ramai pakai, tapi kena beli asing Bengkung..Better i pilih y complete ngn bengkung skali kan..Bengkung amway ni ngm2 untuk i, start bawah breast sampai tengah2 peha..Biler nk pi bilik air, just gulung2 naik ke atas..=p Puas hati..Tapi depend lah korang nk yg maner kan..Better tgk testimonial dulu, takot ader yg effect kalau BF baby..

Lagi satu i dapat hari ni, Spectra 3 Breast Pump Full Set..Hoorey..I cakap kat B beli just breast pump dulu tak per..Then biler kat kedai B tanyer yg complete set ngn back pack and cooler bag + ice gel + storage bottles skali..B cakap dia nk yg terbaik utk baby.. Tak rugi katernya, anak ke2 ke3 still boleh guna lagi..Spectra 3 ni pon i dh survey kat intenet ngn b..Spectra 3 agak murah compare ngn madela,Madela RM 1800, Spectra 3 ni just RM 589..Biler pasang senyap jer machine, x der bunyi..better untuk i nk guner kat office nnt..Thanks syg.. I beli BP ni kat sini,.. kalau tgk kat website price yg dh less..biler pi kedai dia ader lg less 20%. Nak jer i beli Bouncer Fisher Price New born to Todder rocker.. RM 249 ja..Before ni maner2 kedai i tgk RM 299 palin g murah. Tapi dh beli sweet cheery kat Manjaku..Huhu..

Product Descriptions :- Spectra 3 BP set

This package includes the following :-
  • 1 unit Spectra 3 Electric Breast pump
  • 1 set Spectra Breast Shield Set ( Extra for double pumping )
  • A professional and stylish back pack design
  • Moms Precious Cooler bag set (A removable cooler bag set (which comes complete with 6 Moms Precious Storage Bottles, 2 Bottle caps, 3 reusable ice packs)
  • FREE rain cover cum heat reflector to ensure bag is protected against rain or shine!

1) Spectra 3 Electric Breast Pump
  • The most special feature about Spectra 3 is that it is smaller size than Spectra 2 therefore more ideal for travelling.
  • The kit is very easy to use as it is automatic.
  • Accessories (breast shield,tubing) are separable so it's easy to wash and sterilize.
  • Its light weight and compact design make it extremely portable and good to use in a small space.
  • It contains 1 set of breast shield.
  • It has a very simple and neat design with a built-in cylinder.
  • Users can feel comfortable by pumping in a rhythm that is just like an actual nursing infant's sucking rhythm.
  • It has controllable suction levels.
  • Its high suction strength makes it possible to express milk out of both breasts.
Special features
  • Can be converted into a double pump.
  • Minumum noise during breast pumping session ( more privacy ).

This set contains:

  • Pump 
  • 1 Bottle with wide neck teat and bottle cap
  • 1 conversion kit for wide neck bottles
  • 1 Breast shield set and tubing only... 

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